Hotelli Torni

Hotel Torni (Hotel Tower) is a historical hotel located in Helsinki, Finland and part of the Sokos Hotel hotel chain. When opened in 1931, it became the tallest building in Finland, a position it maintained until the completion of the new Fortum (then Neste) headquarters in neighboring Espoo in 1976, and it remained the tallest building in Helsinki until 1987 but now is the 4th tallest. Unusually, the tallest building in Finland is an apartment building. The interior of the building was completely renovated in 2005. It is located in Helsinki's Design District.


The hotel was designed by architects Jung & Jung in 1928, and has 14 stories. It is allegedly the place where the murder of the Mata Hari-like Minna Craucher was planned in 1932. The hotel served the needs of air defense during the Second World War, when members of the Finnish women's paramilitary organization Lotta Svärd kept watch for enemy bombers. Immediately after the cessation of the war, Hotelli Torni served as the headquarters of the Allied Control Commission monitoring Finnish compliance with the obligations of the Moscow Armistice. It became known as a center of culinary excellence.


In Hotel Torni, there are several restaurants including Ravintola Torni (dining), Ateljee Bar (top of the tower with view over downtown Helsinki, known especially for the toilets which have scenic glass walls to the outside), American Bar (American style bar) and O'Malley's (Irish bar). The Ateljee Bar provides a monthly changing art exhibition featuring Finnish artists.

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