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“Hotel Tokyu Bizfort` is a new brand arm of Tokyu Hotels, specializing in rich experiences and new services. The Hotel Tokyu Bizfort Kobe Motomachi is located within the central business area in Kobe Hyogo. The building is located at the main gate of “Chouan-mon` in Nankin-cho. Concept The hotel caters mainly for business travelers aged 30 to 40. The interiors are enhanced with a ‘functional’ (high spec) bedroom and bathroom. The front lobby embodies their values in hospitality and great customer service. The whole interior represents a comfortable and luxurious environment. The entrance lobby has a unique circular counter desk welcoming the guests. The guestroom interiors create contrast with the lobby’s interior, the rooms are natural in colour and convey a rich and calm atmosphere. Lobby Lounge The lobby lounge has two cylindrical shaped counter desks, creating initial drama and aims to impress new and returning guests. The lounge has an automated check-in service and the counter desks have been designed to cater for private concierge services also. The island counters blend seamlessly into the lobby and its atmosphere. The imposing textured walls add to the rich interior providing warm lighting and shadows. Guest Lounge The guest lounge is the welcome point for all guests during their stay. The interior gives a natural atmosphere, catering for all tastes. This space can be used to cater for breakfast dining and well as an information centre. Guestrooms The room (appox.18?) has been designed to be simple and sleek. The bathroom is not a unit bath system but is an individually designed bath and toilet space. The bathroom has a high ‘functional’ (high spec) shower cubicle. The powder room area has a joint door with the bedroom, creating a unity of two spaces.

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