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The project started with a name – The Vine. The client also wanted to relate the design with the natural elements of Madeira Island. Then, we realize that the building had four bedroom floors and immediately thought of giving each floor a season, representing the different shadings of the grapes during spring, summer, winter and autumn From here, the design concept developed around this theme, involving many natural, cultural and historical elements of the island. As the beaches of Madeira, are filled with pebbles and Nini Andrade Silva, a pebble lover, who portrays them in her art collection “ Garota do Calhau` from where the design with pebbles started. The chosen colours represent all these elements and transport guests to its natural environments. The Vine Hotel was created on the concept as the name implies. Arriving at the hotel, the great purple staircase and metal mesh symbolize the summer rain, offering a warm welcome. In the lobby, the gnarled branches and the mulled grape draperies, the small round pebble floors, the designed sofa filled with small cushioned pebbles, allow travelers to journey, the region’s rich viniculture, the exuberant wild vegetation and the unique pebbled beaches. The Terra Lounge restaurant with the floor backlit photo of cultivated land, the ceiling sculptured branches, representing the vineyards. On the patios, a garden with sofas like big baskets of harvest and purple cushions, the color of the wine. Tropical Island vegetation, vines over a hundred years old and giant banana trees. A high technology conference room with a capacity for 200 guests. The social bathroom facilities are designed as if each box was a grape. Four floors of 79 rooms colour -coded to reflect the four seasons – green, purple, grey and brown. The dominant four colours gives the sensation of the changing seasons and follow close to the grape’s ripeness stage, which later gave body to a great beverage. We shuffled the seasons around; having winter after summer, as there is no winter in Madeira, but a summer rain. The rooms reflect the hotel’s language of sophistication to its fullness. In some, the dialogue flows through the spaciousness, with almost no separation between sleeping and bathing areas. There are 20 different room layouts. The photos depicting the shading of grapes, the winter branch, the autumn leaves, decorates the ceiling above the beds. The recessed lighting beneath the beds offers a sensation of levitation. The design furniture is sleek, comfortable and reflects the intentional harmonious combination of materials like leather, wood, steel and glass. The roof terrace is a highlight of the guest experience. The rooftop open-air heated panoramic swimming pool symbolizes a tank of wine and the black Jacuzzi with a dimension of 16 x 1.6m transformed into a vast path like the “levadas`, the ancient channels leading the water around the island. The pebbles gave shape to an exclusive outdoor furniture collection designed for the sunbathing areas, authorship of Ms Nini Andrade Silva. At the gourmet restaurant “UVA` (Portuguese for grape), you may find a sophisticated and unique atmosphere set by an enormous green image, a backlit pavement and an amazing panoramic view. Here, guests may also book a private area where they can delight themselves with a long designed resin table and an exclusive lamp with the design of 1001 metal grapes. The regional themes worked as main elements on the concept’s definition of our design. As well as the connection between materials, colors, the forms of natural elements and its insertion on an urban environment. The pillar structures in the interior was a challenge at first and the solution was its transformation into lamps. The illumination was a fundamental issue of the project because it made it possible to give a mystical feature to all areas, especially to the lift lobbies where guests may have the feeling of being inside a forest. It also enhances the images of natural elements and its colors through backlit panels, which, in the rooms and suites we decided to put on ceilings instead of the walls because it is what guests mostly observe from the beds. We wanted to design this hotel with soul, just like a good wine. The most important element is what you feel upon arrival, it is the WOW…. The shining eyes of the guests…. It was important to mix sophistication, luxury, with a touch of simplicity with regional themes and discretion. An invitation to relaxation creating the better mood to enjoy all the pleasures that the hotel has to offer: a panoramic pool, a vinotherapy session in the spa or a gourmet dinner with a view over the city. The bathrooms in particular were object of special attention, the pebbles used for the floor offering the guest a wonderful sensation of reflexology. The continuation of the pebbled floor from the lobbies into the lifts, allows a feeling of nature leaving all claustrophobia behind.


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