Hotel on Ostrovskogo Square
The project attracts a lot of public attention since 1997. The space where the hotel is located is set right in the point of maximum aggregation of architecture monuments, in the historic center conservation zone. In that respect, it was hard to get into the cultural and visual context and the project had been elaborated for twelve years and even redesigned twice. The original design was a classical one; later, the facility was designed as a modern eight-storied building; and, finally, the last version appeared as a seven-storied Yurassic limestone Italian palazzo building. At that, the facades are designed, on one hand, in accordance with the historic canons of the surrounding development (sculptures, decorative elements) and Renaissance traditions; on the other hand, they are contemporary enough owing to the new techniques and procedures used (complete glazing between the topmost floor gables and using the ventilated facade system - the facades’ weight is about 360 tons and cost is about $4.5 million.). The building has no exact archetype, but the origins can be found in Florence, Vicenza and Rome palaces in the beginning of the XVI century. Their “predecessors` were divided in three horizontal tiers and covered with rustic. High Renaissance added piers and columns between windows, side-risalita and sculpture. The hotel building has all these features but can be distinguished with Renaissance by its design severity – thin lines and plain rustic. The bottom tier is very “heavy and masculine` with its rustic and atlantes figures, the next one is `female` due to the sculpture on the balustrade and Ionic capitals, the third tier is Corinthian and the upper one is attic. The attic tier is glazed and hidden behind the thin columns. This part of the building reveals contemporary outcome of the building also with its size and window sash.


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