Horizonte Jk Building

On one of the most prestigious strips of the Presidente Jucelino Kubitscheck Avenue, close to the Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue in São Paulo, Brazil, The Horizonte JK Home & Office Building opened its sales stands for future tenants in 2010. The building is situated on a twenty four thousand square meter site, approximately the size of five football fields, this sophisticated mixed use building keeps in mind those who want to work and live in the same place. The first several floors are shared between residential apartments and commercial offices, along with lobbies, reception areas, garages and common public areas; the rest of the flo ors are solely residential. When conceptualizing the building many studies were done to decided the division of the spaces; taken into account were the lifestyles and wishes of the future tenants, and aspects of the area. These subjects were thoroughly investigated and precautions with the environment and advanced technologies were used to create a building that is built for a select public that are looking to live in an iconic place, with good taste that not only provides sophistication and comfort, but also security and privacy. The façade is a result of the interior plans that have been plastically shaped to create elaborate and functional interior spaces. The shape of the terraces and the materials that were used in the composition of the building’s façade reflects its sophistication and contemporary nature in this region. The commercial building contains slabs that hold 530m² of offices. The first fifteen floors of the building are shared between commercial areas and residential areas. The last five commercial floors features specialized commercial offices with a seven meter ceiling height and a loft. The commercial area holds a total of eighty offices, with the lobby floor containing a theater and a special events area. The thirty seven floors of the residential building holds two hundred and sixty six apartments that range from 68.5m² to 137 m² in area. The building provides a floor dedicated to common areas that supply everything needed for the wellbeing of those who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. This space includes a Sky Lounge, Gourmet Space, Spa, Fireplace Lounge, Bar, Game Room and a state of the art panoramic swimming pool that allows for views that are rarely seen anywhere. The aesthetics and detailing of this project was a large focus throughout the entire process. The building features advanced technology in the residential areas. The apartments will include a standard system that allows for automatic lighting, air-conditioning, and blinds. Also the apartments will feature a biometric scan that controls the entrance to the different spaces in the apartment.


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