Hongkou Stadium

Hongkou Football Stadium (simplified Chinese: 虹口足球场; traditional Chinese: 虹口足球場; pinyin: Hóngkǒu Zúqiúchǎng) is a professional football stadium in Shanghai, China. Located in Hongkou District, the stadium has a capacity of 33,060 people. The stadium was re-built in 1999, over the previous 46-year old Hongkou Stadium, a general use sports stadium now replaced by the Shanghai Stadium.

The stadium has 3 squash courts inside and a climbing wall, that was rebuilt in early 2009.

It is currently used mostly for football matches and the home stadium of Shanghai Shenhua.

It hosted the final of the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup.


The stadium is best reached by taking Shanghai Metro Line 3 or 8 to Hongkou Football Stadium station.

Cultural references

In leg 10 of The Amazing Race 16, teams faced the second roadblock in this stadium, the first of its kind in race history. They had to put together a giant 96-piece puzzle. When the puzzle was complete, they gave the puzzle to a group of fans who flipped the cards in order to reveal a seat number where they would find their next clue.


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