Home for Handicapped Children
HOME FOR HANDICAPPED CHILDREN TRONDHEIM, NORWAY This little house of approximately 600 sq m is home to six children with so severe dysfunctions, either physical or psychic or both, that their parents are unable to care for them at home. At the same time it is a work-place for health personnel - as many as 40 persons are on the employee list, mostly parttime. As a rule, the children can live in these homes from the age of 3 till they become 18 years old. This home is the second of its kind, (the first being more of a pilot project) designed by our firm and built by the City of Trondheim. Experience from the use of the first home was carefully considered in planning the second. Each child has a room of its own, spacious enough for their parents to come and stay. It was important that the layout of the house should have possibilities for social gatherings as well as for more secluded meetings between child and grown-ups. (Some of the inhabitants are vulnerable to noise, too many people in the vicinity etcetera). This gives to the plan an ambuigity between open and closed, with possibilities for different activities taking place at the same time without disturbing each other. The childrens’ rooms, allocated away from the access road and with spacious bays towards open fields with mountains in the distance, are grouped two and two with a bathroom between them along three sides of a roofed-over, fully climatized ’court’, where the fourth side comprises kitchen, diningroom and livingroom. The childrens’ room and bathroom are served with traverse lifts under the ceiling, and so is the entrance. It has ample space for dressing and undressing the children, and adjacent space for wheelchairs. In the basement (under part of the building) are wardrooms for personnel, a small workshop, stores for the inhabitants and technical room. The oblong ’court’ is divided in two by an activity-room. Daylight comes from roof-lights tilted in different directions so the character of the light shifts during the day. By tilting the livingroom outwards, the court opens to the south to a spacious terrace, and a garden, and the low winter sun can penetrate deep into the building. The garden has a slightly curved pathway and a playground. In addition the home has good access to the pedestrian net of the nearby living area. The construction is steel columns, and beams, light-concrete flat roof with overlying insulation, wooden frame outer walls with a one-layer vented brickwall on the outside. Brick is also used for the walls surrounding the ’court’, and for ’baking in’ the steel columns, whereas partitioning walls are wooden frame with plasterboard. The building has balanced ventilation with heat retrival. All floors are linoleum.


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