Holts Lapidary
Holts Lapidary 98 Hatton Garden, London EC1 A rock fissure is the theme of the window display for Holts Lapidary, the long established retailer of precious stone in London’s jewellery quarter Hatton Garden. The design of the new shop plays on the association of gems that are found in age-old crevices. Brightly lit it draws the passer-by to the narrow gap that is distinct from the more traditional displays in the street. Established on the same site three decades ago, this shop’s refurbishment and enlargement provided an opportunity to re-evaluate the tradition of the diamond trade. Displays are raised to eye level drawing the customer from the street into a radial display inside the shop. Traditionally a place that has catered primarily for the trade the design attracts the general public in equal measure through the new welcoming environment. Directors and staff have their desks in a concentric arrangement grouped around the sales area which takes the shape of a small arena. The circle is described by fully glazed counters which display a rainbow spectrum of coloured gems in all sizes and shapes. This arrangement makes for easy browsing and creates a sense of intimacy. An round leather clad bench in the shop window provides for design sessions with customers. There are two additional levels of workshops arranged below the shop where the creations to client’s individual specification are produced. Associated with the retail shop is the well-respected Holts Academy, which provides professional education for the stone processing industry. Photgraphs by Dennis Gilbert, VIEW


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