Holsworthy Barracks
Holsworthy Barracks is located in the outer south-western Sydney suburb of Holsworthy. It is part of the Holsworthy military reserve, which has been a training area and artillery range for the Australian Army since World War I. Following World War II it became a major base for the permanent component of the army in New South Wales. Following the movement of many units of the Regular Army to Darwin in the late 1990s many Army Reserve units were moved from other depots to Holsworthy Barracks, including the Headquarters of the 5th Brigade. The base is currently home to 17 Signals Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt), 6th Aviation Regiment and the 1st Health Support Battalion (1HSB).

Terrorism plot
On 4 August 2009, four men from Melbourne were charged over the Holsworthy Barracks terror plot, an alleged plan to storm the barracks with automatic weapons; and shoot army personnel or others until they were killed or captured. The men are allegedly connected with the Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabaab. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has since announced that the federal government has ordered a review of security at all military bases. On August 6, 2009, a Daily Telegraph reporter and photographer were charged with taking a photograph of a defence installation after being granted entry to the military base.