Hollola Library

  The library building encloses the northern edge of the Market Square in the centre of Hollola. On the side of the square the eave height of the single-storey building rises to a height of ca. 8 m providing enclosure for the square and rendering the library the appearance of a public building. The main entrance is in the middle of the square side.

As the developer did not want a flat roof, the roof was realised as a wavy surface, with rainwater running into the wave trough and further to the long walls of the building. The ceiling is also wavy.

The rectangular plan of the library is divided into an open lending library-reading room space, workrooms and staff facilities, with the service area at the interface of the two. Customer areas that can be closed include the children’s story-reading room, the study room, the exhibition/meeting area and the music room.

The lending library part is airy and full of light. Sufficient hei...


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