Holger Schubert's Studio-Garage

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Holger Schubert's Studio-Garage
Holger Schubert’s garage was designed with two main objectives in mind: to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that allows one to focus on the car as a piece of art, and to create the ultimate experience for the driver to arrive at home. The gallery-like environment objectifies the car during the day and dramatically projects its shapes onto both window walls at night, paying homage to the art of automotive design.

Located on the upper floor of a new addition to a 1953 ranch-style home on a downsloping hillside lot, the garage overlooks the western part of Los Angeles. Access is via a driveway bridge separate from the main entrance to the property’s motor court. The 1,200-square-foot space provides a designated spot for the car and a large open area for a couch, a slide-away TV, a built-in book shelf in front of a large storage room, along with a small kitchen, a bathroom and a library. A number of sustainable building products were used, including the electric screens on the exterior of the large window walls to help control the climate, as well as 47 solar panels on the roof. All walls are insulated with natural cotton fiber insulation.

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