HOKI COLLECTION The planning of this project began when the owner, a collector of high-resolution paintings, wished to share his collection with as many people as possible, in a space that is purely intended to appreciate each pieces of art. The owner is also a wine lover, château margaux in particular; therefore as a result, wine cave became part of the plan for this project. HOKI COLLECTION exhibits the works of art collected by one owner, therefore it is critical to design a space that realizes the comfortable relationship between art and the person. However the reason this building is not called a museum is because HOKI COLLECTION does not only design the exhibition space but also the environment that surround each collection, each person and the architecture, adding the whole experience into one of HOKI’S COLLECTIONS. Many elements, such as one owner, the high-resolution paintings, château margaux, cedar forest and the many residences, assemblages with the environmental factors of the complexly shaped site such as the wind, light and heat, creating this premise called the HOKI COLLECTION. This whole blending process formulates an atmosphere that mature year after year, similar to the life of wine. Project Concept The site of this project, which was selected with the owner, is located on the boundary between the forest and the city. On the south side, it faces the giant “Showa-no-Mori Park`, the size of which is 109 hectares, and on the north side, it faces the new residential areas. The circular elongated site is framed by a myriad of overlapping arcs which cross the entire site. This complex order was derived from the close interaction with the surrounding environment - the architecture opens up towards the cedar forest on the south, and the north takes in careful consideration for the many residences in the area. The arrangement also integrates with the light and wind-environment, enhancing the flow of guests through a well-lit corridor-like gallery towards the basement of the premise. Above-ground, the 100m tunnel-like steel structure, which is supported by only two points floats like a bridge, and the 30m cantilever protrudes to the forest side. The exhibition area is composed of seamlessly welded interior space, adjusting its width and height depending on the function to place emphasis on each of the paintings. All the lighting system in the premise uses LED to improve energy conservation. Since the sunlight effects how each picture is presented in the gallery, it optimizes the lighting environment inside by responding to the natural light every second, adjusting its color temperature and the lighting intensity. Also the HVAC system is integrated into the steel structure; therefore this architecture is a result of the collaboration of the design, the structure and the facilities. Site Area (m2): 3,862.70 Building Area (m2): 1,602.39 Total Flore Area (m2): 3,723.48 Parking Area (m2): 2,587.10 Height (m):+7.06 Structure: Steel, RC/S Principal Use: Museum Scheduled to complete: 2010 August


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