The project of reconstruction of the Trade Center «Hit.On». The old 2-storey commercial building of Soviet times, the total area of 10 230 m2. The task - reconstruction of the shopping center, to attract buyers: 1. nadstroy two floors total height of 8,400 m at the perimeter of all buildings TC «Hit.On», 2. project added a main facade, 3. reconstruction of the facades 16-1, T-A,-T, taking into account the concept of the main facade, 4. reconstruction planning decisions TC «Hit.On». After the reconstruction of the total area increased to 25 440 m2. In relation to throw out a constructive fronts are full metal frame. Protecting structures - Facade-rack mount rigelnoe glazing. Facade materials, it is recommended to pick up in the light of the highest durability and safety. Architecture and planning solution made of the conditions for multi-object decision lay floors done in the light of the requirements for multi-buildings. The adopted structure enables flexible use of methods of design and placement of facilities on their multifunction purpose. New shopping center carries the idea of «protracting» buyers and strolling on the proximity of the townspeople, psychological «not pass by». The challenge - to create the visual effect of the grid, get «extraction» in city streets. Color rainbow stretching stresses the optical illusion of stained glass ball convexities and duration of the crater. Good eye colors also have a meaning, not repel, and attracting customers to visit the shopping center. Not typical for our region the facade of the building, stained glass colors, smooth positive weight to attract a buyer, make a recovery in the overall architectural appearance of the city.


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