KHR won 1st prize for the proposal to create a lively and engaging new town hall for employees and citizens of Hillerød. Designed for employees and citizens The overall architectural aim is a building that, in its daily use, promotes intimacy and identity. Hillerød’s new town hall on Trollesminde will be a vibrant building for politics, staff and, not least, citizens, with an emphasis on themes such as enlightenment, culture and involvement.

The town hall is intended to create a healthy working environment with a positive collaboration between the employees and the political management. At the same time the building bids everyone welcome, as it opens itself to visitors with room for waiting or resting, breaks for conversation, absorption and exchange. The aim is to create the best possible setting for public service.

The overall idea of the project is to create a building that takes its architectural starting-point in the specific identity of the venue. The main building looks out over the cultural landscape and becomes a benchmark together with village churches and the large farms that characterize the area. Visually, the City Council building is created as a landmark for the town hall and is visible from the moment of arrival. In this way it becomes a remarkable symbol of the democratic process for everyone in the new municipality.

Building Activity