Hiller Aviation Museum
The Hiller Aviation Museum, located in San Carlos, California, USA at the San Carlos Airport, is an aircraft history museum. The museum was founded by Stanley Hiller, Jr., in June 1998. and is endowed by members of the Hiller Family (owners of the Hiller Aircraft Corporation, an early helicopter pioneer). It specializes in Northern California aircraft history and helicopter history.

Permanent exhibits
This museum has more than 45 aerospace vehicles along with companion descriptive displays concerning the history of flight. Some of the exhibits include:
  • The Hiller XH-44, first coaxial helicopter to fly in the US
  • The Hiller Flying Platform, an experimental aircraft from 1955 to give a single passenger low-altitude flight
  • The original mockup, partially assembled, of the Boeing 2707, a supersonic transport prototype, an uncompleted Concorde rival
  • The front 45 feet of a Boeing 747
  • James Ricklefs' "Honeymoon" Fairchild
  • The Rutan model 74 Defiant, Burt Rutan's personal homebuilt airplane.

Sponsored events
Every June, the museum sponsors the Vertical Challenge Airshow, a helicopter-centred airshow at the San Carlos Airport. On-going events concern "Young Eagles" and a "Lecture Series" as well as "World War II Trainer Aircraft Day" and "Yak Attack".

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