H I - Residentially –Led Regeneration in St Helier,Jersey,Channel Islands. The island of Jersey is the largest of a group of islands located about 20 miles off the east coast of mainland France.The island itself is only 9miles long and 5 miles wide so land,for whatever use,is at a premium. Following many months,even years of consultation,the gestastion of a new Island Plan has resulted in a firm resolve to provide high design quality,high density residential accommodation in St Helier the only town on the Island. The EDAW Masterplan identifies the eastern part of the town,currently sadly neglected,as a prime area for incremental residentially-led regeneration.The HI Regeneration Project basically involves the demolition of two sites and the re-vitalisation of a third site to provide just over 100 badly-needed housing units…and all windfall. The three sites are: 1. St James Court 68 units - the “H` building This site is occupied by 70’s reinforced concrete office buildings that are well past their sell-by date and would be difficult to re-let when all the current leases are up for renewal. The current proposals show the demolition of all existing commercial buildings on the site and the creation of a new modern residential building with the following accommodation: Lower ground floor : Parking for 50 cars,cycle store,recycling facility,mains services etc Ground floor : 10 2-bed units 1st,2nd,3rd,4th & 5th Floors : 12 no 2-bed unuts 6th Floor : 8 no 2-bed penthouses 7th Floor : 2 no 3-bed super-penthouses Total 68 no units The overall design includes high levels of insulation,green roofs, roof-mounted PV & solar panels, etc with crefully designed Balconies designed to take advantage of Jersy’s mild climate. Heating is electrical coming off the JEC mains which in turn is fed by electicity arriving by cable from the French nuclear grid network – thus a very low carbon footprint building. The areas of cladding are locally based polished granite panels 2. Collins 20 units – the “I` building This is a classic Jersey 1940’s building originally designed as a coal bunker,then converted in the late 1960’s as a milk depot and now used as a printers workshop –all semi-industrial uses totally out of character with the changing nature of La Colomberie. Due to the height of the neighbouring buildings it presents a real opportunity to provide 2or 3 floors of additional quality accommodation. 3. JPH Shelter 12 units This small building on the corner of Don Road & St James Street is currently sadly neglected and in need of demolition to provide a dozen single or two bed units for key worker housing. Clearly the three projects combine to make a highly successful area of regeneration at its best.


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