H.H Representative's Court and Diwan

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BEAD was briefed to look at the traditional fort architecture of the region before commencing the masterplanning and design for these significant government buildings. The Client?s vision is for the buildings to have a feeling of permanence and solidity, as well as a visual harmony with their surroundings, which the traditional fort construction can provide. Our researchers visited several forts in the UAE which included one being restored by a team of specially trained earth workers. We also commissioned an arab scholar to provide historic research material on forts from a wider geographical area. While looking into the past we also looked into the future by carrying-out energy modeling on the design to assess any thermal insulation benefits the thicker walls may provide. We also investigated the prospects for using traditional mud instead of modern plaster on the outside of the walls, looking at these alternatives from the point of view of maintenance and aesthetic value. Altogether this was an extremely interesting assignment. 


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