Hermitage State Museum masterplan

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Hermitage State Museum masterplan

The program called for a flexible exhibition space and museum store, housing masterworks from the Guggenheim and Hermitage Museums in The Venetian Hotel-Casino-Resort in Las Vegas. The initial Hermitage project After a meeting with the director of the State Hermitage of St. Petersburg, Mikhail Piotrovsky, OMA/AMO was invited to generate an architectural concept for the General Staff Building, then a new acquisition for the museum. The General Staff Building comprised of 806 rooms all with different morphologies and in various states of restoration. This project involved a curatorial component which enabled the various collections of the Hermitage to be viewed in an unconventional way – by imbedding the artworks within the existing typology of the General Staff Building and allowing the audience to circulate freely within the rooms, carving out their own respective routes. 

In addition to the curatorial program, there was also an architectural component in which the lobby of the General Staff Building was created. OMA/AMO’s research from this project eventually resulted in an exhibition in Moscow as well as AMO’s ‘Expansion and Neglect’ Pavilion at the 2005 Venice Biennale.  After the initial Hermitage project was completed in 2005, Piotrovsky once again approached AMO and proposed a new collaboration based on the strategies which were formulated for the previous project – but on a much larger scale. This time AMO would be responsible for introducing new exhibition concepts and new strategic thinking for the whole Hermitage complex including the General Staff Building. In this particular project, AMO is currently devising a Curatorial Masterplan which aims to revitalize the Hermitage’s relationship with St. Petersburg as well as to uncover the fine line between modernization and preservation of the museum – without any kind of architectural intervention. 




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