Hermit House
Hermit House is a spectacular though unconventional example of vernacular architecture in a similar vein to the Watts Towers. The earthen residence is situated on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranian near the Sidna Ali Mosque in Herzliya, Israel. Its owner, designer, and creator, Nissim Cachlon, has been building the structure solely by hand since the late 1970s, tunneling deep into the cliff side and using natural sea materials. The structure includes dozens of chambers covered in highly elaborate tile mosaics made of recycled materials such as blue glass from broken Maccabee beer bottles, plates, and other debris washed ashore. Local city authorities have so far been unable to oust the code non-compliant resident. Rising sea levels, caused in part by the city's construction of a jetty, now pose a threat to Cachlon's work of several decades. Hermit House's exterior is publicly visible and requests for interior tours are occasionally honored by its owner.

Building Activity

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