Henkel -  The Old Soap  Factory

Henkel – The Old Soap Factory

The Henkel building was originally a soap factory, built at the start of the 20th century as a classic industrial building of the era, in red brick with simple, iron-framed windows. The factory building is worthy of preservation, and we have now renovated and reorganised the industrial complex for office and business use.

The renovation has shown respect for the building's inherent robustness and raw historical expression, while at the same time upgrading it so that it gains the appearance of an attractive and contemporary office and business environment. In the new Henkel we can get up close to industrial history, with the conservation of the factory’s unique spaces, exposed rafters and other natural elements that testify to their original function. The hoists, loading ramps, goods elevators, walkway systems, water tower and silos provide decorative elements from industrial history.

In the centre of the building we have designed a vibrant atrium, which links the four floors with a simple light stairway. A large new skylight provides plenty of light to the atrium and the various floors.

The old packing plant on the ground floor, with its six-metre-tall ceilings, will become the building’s canteen and conference area. At the top of the building a rooftop terrace will be established, where people will be able to view the entire area and enjoy the sun from the west.

The building has also been energy-renovated, and is now equipped with green sedum roofs. Adjacent to the former soap factory we have also established a new, small, dense urban neighbourhood with housing and a supermarket.


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