Helsingborg Central Station
THE NEW HELSINGBORG CENTRAL STATION, “KNUTPUNKTEN`. INVITED COMPETITION JUNE 2010. With the expansion of the H + area in southern Helsingborg, the city's profile will be strengthened as a creative center in the Øresund Region. In this context, the area around Helsingborg C, "Knutpunkten", will play an increasingly important role as a cohesive piece of the puzzle between the wealthy north and the poorer south and between city and sea. In the task of planning for the new Helsingborg, we have based our work on the city's identity and its visions for future development. These are given in the publication "Imagine Helsingborg" as: • Diversity • Unified town • Sustainability • Good communications • Attractive venue • City by the Water In the new station area, we reconcile these visions in a way that includes all of Helsingborg and not see the station deployment as an isolated task. Through an integrated urban development approach, we can involve the surrounding neighborhoods and restore the hub as a worthy entrance to the city. “Knutpunkten` in the city With the immersion of the tracks to the south, a unique opportunity is created to have the central park, Stadsparken, make contact with the sea. By extending Stadsparken to the west , the city will get more coveted green space in the center of Helsingborg. In connection with the new station a north-south sequence of sites linking north and south. With the extension of the platforms to the south new entrances will be situated in a beautiful location in the extended park. The new station building is designed as a sculptural roof with a strong architectural expression. The walls are reflection-free glass so that the station's various sides have visual contact with the park across the room. The main element is the ceiling, which defines the extent of the stops for the public transportation. Architecturally, the station's structure differ from city neighborhoods and instead get inspiration from the park. The shape is similar to stylized tree that extends its foliage over the platforms. Today, the existing station is built into an anonymous office block. In our proposal the standalone station is expressed as a modern equivalent of the old train station from around 1860 which was located on the same site. The new structure will thus be an identitybuilding and unifying node – for the station area as well as for Helsingborg as a whole. A signature building for Helsingborg! Urban space The future Knutpunkten will be located in a more integrated urban environment with better connections to the surrounding city. The urban space and environments that are created are prerequisites for a prosperous city life and complement the environments that currently exist in Helsingborg. The urban space surrounding the hub can be broadly divided into two groups: the streets east (Järnvägsgatan) and west (Angöringsgatan) of the station as well as three-spot formations with the Royal Square in the north, “the Knot Square` in the middle and South Station Square to the south. Street environments linking the area with its surroundings, while the squares in essence reflects the site conditions. Thus, they can be quite different. The green station The new station should be the representative gateway to Helsingborg - dignified and welcoming with its own distinct identity. It must be a building you want to stay in and an experience to get to, while providing a clear visual connection to the city. Transparency is one of the main principles for the design of the station. The goal is that the station should feel welcome, secure and easy-orientated from all sides. From inside the building should all different types of transportation as well as all service and shops be visible. Through the station runs a number of "bridges" that makes you always have close to the other side and strengthen the east-west link from the park. The station's frame is a steel construction that on top have a glass roof, covered with solar cells that absorb energy during the day and at night emit light. On the underside a new fabric design profiled steel mesh filters the daylight into the station in an intricate way. Roof and pillars may be a coherent expression of the material. The pillars which form the foundations of the station have an increasing degree of perforation of the plate and allows for a lush greenery. When foliage is fully grown, the roof will be perceived as a large disc hovering above these vertical green sculptures. The pillars head down rainwater that will be infiltrated in water basin west of the station. The design is a flexible structure that can withstand changes, both during the planning process and in the future. South Station area The southern entrance will rise over time to become a spot with equal or greater importance as the main entrance at the Royal Square today. Here, South Station Square will form an entrance point to the station and be the natural meeting place that will link the center of the city with the H +- area. Around the square is placed an ensemble of higher buildings emphasizes the dignity of the place and become landmarks in the city. The area is divided vertically into two volumes, where the lower volumes are level with the surrounding city. The volumes above get an architectural design as sculptural elements in Helsingborg cityscape without clearly observable number of floors. The ground floors surrounding the square is contains shops and other services, like a supermarket, bank, gym, etc. The upper floors contains apartments, offices and a hotel. Areas Total new area, excluding reorganization of concentration march columns: ca 125 000 sq.m.


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