Heliport VIP Lounge, Hong Kong

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Heliport VIP Lounge, Hong Kong
This Heliport locates in the heart of Central in Hong Kong has long been playing the prestigious travelling means between Hong Kong and Macau. It was the client's intent to cast a 'focus in town' out of the heliport's new extension. The designer therefore dedicated to tailor a progressive and comfortable lounge in order to cope with the heliport's aggressive developments. Big challenges came from angular existing building profile formed by the new extension. Beams with unpleasant depths also created constraints to the ceiling height. The captioned two problems were turned by the designer into two key design elements contributing the design's character: First, the angular shape of the building's envelop were wisely adopted by using Zig Zag circulation path developed from groups of hexagonal patterns through the check-in counter to the lounge. By using groups of hexagonal zones linking to the buffet counters and feature pool, the designer created a geometric and manageable layout. Second problem came from the low headroom under steel beams and low structural soffit were converted into another design feature, three parabolic ceiling domes were achieved in three quartered areas on a cross set out by the beams. The domes are fine tuned into different parabolic curves in response to different heights and locations of building services inevitably occupied under the slab. The three parabolic ceilings with their evolving hexagonal light through in positive and negative shapes, joining each other at their lowest points under the beam's soffit on the axis, performing a tremendous wavy effect, giving a memorable experience to passengers prior to the raid on the advanced AW139 helicopter. The greatest achievement of this lounge laid on the solution that turned the constraints into stunning character which marks a legendary symbol for the heliport's lounge. Using of hexagonal grids interlocking with circular radiation profiles successfully introducing the heliport's emphasis on accuracy, technology and speed that always been emphasized in aviation services. The overwhelming impression of the advanced shapes and profiles in the lounge not only providing a visual benefit, substantial velvety materials such as carpet with special pattern, seats with variety of colors, allocated among the layout's scientific profiles, suggesting a promise of the lounge's indulgence towards its passengers.


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