He Installation

He is a complex architectural garden made of a lawn, a big platform and a light volume suspended in front of the concrete walls of MAXXI’s galleries. The protagonist of the scene is the large suspended volume, which through its size, color, the recreational use of water and its shadow establishes an interaction with the museum outdoor spaces, receiving its resting places.The transparency and the apparent weightlessness of the installation generates a dialogue and a stimulating contrast with the imposing masses of the museum and its sinuous geometries. The large volume follows the wind movement, emphasizing the lightness of the materials that compose it.

The color and transparency of the material, in contrast to the mineral character of the museum, give amazing color reflections that vary with the incidence of light onto the volume façades, allowing He to change his appearance during the day. As evening falls, He becomes a big suspended lantern, a landmark that enlightens MAXXI and its piazza.

The realization of He is the result of an experimental process and a multidisciplinary approach aimed at resolving both the engineering challenge of suspending the volume upon the square, both the manufacturing of the installation, involving skills, techniques and details typical of rigging, climbing and nautical science.

The need to minimize the structures found an answer in a superior ring realized entirely in stretch steel cables, which allows the suspension of the volume.

The textile volume have been realized with a material commonly use in agriculture which have been handicraft manufactured with nautical details.

This has made possible the inedited use of the material, whose typical features could not allow the flatness of He's surfaces, and the interesting moiré effect from the superimposition of fabric.

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