Haymarket Park
Haymarket Park is a baseball and softball complex in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is half a mile west of the campus of the University of Nebraska in downtown Lincoln. It is named because of its location in Lincoln's historic Haymarket District.

Hawks Field
Haymarket Park is the home field of the Lincoln Saltdogs and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It seats about 4,500 people; an additional 4,000 people can sit on berms along the outfield walls. Hawks Field is named for one of the primary donor families that contributed to the construction of the baseball stadium. It has a playground down the right field line. Hawks field is the first collegiate venue to use the SubAir system, which can heat and cool the field year round. For the Saltdogs, it's been selected as the "Best Playing Field" in each of its eight years of existence (Northern League award, 2001-2005; American Association award, 2006-2008). In November 2007, Hawks Field won the Baseball Field of the Year Award in the College/University division by the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) for the second time. The field earned its first honor in 2003 and is the only college park in the country to be a two-time winner. The stadium replaced Buck Belzer Stadium, the Cornhuskers' on-campus baseball field.

Husker Home Records

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Bowlin Stadium
Bowlin Stadium can accommodate up to 2,500 fans. It features 750 chairback seats and berm seating behind both dugouts and in the infield. There is also a two-level press box which provides seating for up to 25 members of the media. The press box also includes a media work room and three booths capable of accommodating radio and television representatives. Like Hawks Field, Bowlin Stadium has a SubAir System.

Home Records

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