Haworth Center
This project is a reuse and addition to existing office space which is attached to an assembly plant operated by a prominent manufacturer of furniture and interior products. The goal of the project was to transform the existing office space into a more interactive environment for clients and staff while maintaining as much of the existing structure as possible with a combination of new and newly adapted office space. The solution was to remove the existing precast concrete façade and add a sloping green roof on to the north side of the existing structure to create a linear 3-story space which connects the three floors of the existing offices and provides more space for client engagement. A south-facing clerestory and a north-facing three-story glass curtainwall below the green roof introduce natural light into the work space and open up views from the interior to a new sustainable landscape and a large paved area for exterior meetings. The green roof slopes down to engage this landscape and encloses this paved area. The renovated office space is a reconfigurable “chassis` based on functional work types and organized into "dynamic" (open office), "temporal" (rooms of movable partitions) and "place" (permanent infrastructure) zones. The basic structural frame of the existing office was maintained and a new underfloor air system was layered over the top of it to increase energy efficiency, provide more flexibility and allow for higher ceiling heights to maximize natural light penetration. The entire facility acts as a product demonstration lab for visitors, while also providing for client engagement and mock-up areas. A series of new vertical tower elements were added on to the existing structure and project into the three-story space, acting as organizing elements for the different work zones. These towers provide “touch down` space for informal collaboration and also designate specific centers of excellence for specialty services and products and are designed to house product literature and components which, along with electronic media, helps to tell the story of the client’s business to staff and visitors. Variations in tones of red, the client’s color, allow the towers to act as strong modulating elements within the atrium. An environmentally responsible approach leveraged a wide variety of deconstruction strategies and adaptive materials reuse techniques. More than 99% of construction waste generated was recycled, re-used, or otherwise diverted from landfills during deconstruction, while existing furniture was repurposed, recycled, and/or donated to non-profit entities. A key feature of the building is the 3-story wood wall adjacent to the building entry. This element, constructed of oak veneer reclaimed from the waters of the Great Lakes submerged during logging in the 1800s, serves as a backdrop for the key visitor amenities including the welcome center, Haworth product museum, and GW Haworth conference center.


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