Hartwell railway station, Melbourne

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Hartwell is a railway station on the Alamein railway line in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It lies between the Fordham Avenue, Glyndon Road and Kalang Road intersection and Culliton Road on the Western side of the station in Camberwell. Between the Fordham Avenue, Glyndon Road and Kalang Road intersection and the station is a medium-sized park, stretching the length of the Station, and including children's play equipment. Access to Hartwell Station is through the park or via the Tyrone Street end. It is located 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from Flinders Street Station in the centre of Melbourne and is in Metcard Zone 1. The station has some limited car parking, but few other facilities.

Station overview

Hartwell station contains a large weatherboard building with a disused booking office (that has been since boarded up since a myki ticket vending machine was installed) and toilets on the platform. A large Metcard machine is located at the entrance to the platform's that dispenses most ticketing options, notes and coins. Validators are also at the entrances to the platforms. A Telstra payphone was located near the gate to platform 2, which has since being removed.


Hartwell station opened on 7 May 1906, under the name of Hartwell Hill. Confusingly, Burwood was named Hartwell at the time. On 1 August 1909, Hartwell Hill was renamed Hartwell, and Hartwell was renamed Burwood. Hartwell was originally part of the Deepdene Dasher service that connected Ashburton with Deepdene. After the closure of the Deepdene service in 1927, Hartwell became part of the Ashburton line, which in turn became the Alamein line in 1948.

Hartwell is named after one of the early estates in the area, "Hartwell House", which was the residence of James Irwin, who owned and operated Irwin's Hotel in the mid 1850s which was located on lot 149a the corner of Norwood Road (now Toorak Road) and Wattle Valley Road, subsequently demolished about the time the railway line was built. In the 1850s, Hartwell was a small hamlet known as "Back Creek" named after the creek nearby. Irwins Hotel in the Boorandarra Roads Board minutes of meetings noted that c/- Irwin Hotel "Back Creek" was used as a Polling Station.

The station has two platforms arranged in an island configuration (where trains arrive either side of a central shared platform). The station building is historically significant, as it was originally built as Walhalla station on the Walhalla line, but was moved to Hartwell in December 1938, six years before the Walhalla line closed in 1944. Hartwell is the only station on the Alamein branch to have an island platform.

Platforms and services

Platform 1:

  • Suburban Metro Trains services to Flinders Street (Peak only).
  • Suburban Metro Trains services to Camberwell.

Platform 2:

  • Suburban Metro Trains services to Alamein.


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