Harrow College

MJP were appointed in November 2006 to develop plans for this new college building. This project will provide Harrow College with modern facilities appropriate to the needs of students and staff, and unite the two existing College campuses  at Harrow-on-the-Hill and Harrow Weald  together on a single site. The new College will be next to Harrow-on-the-Hill Station, and close to the bus station and town centre. 

A new building will enable Harrow College to achieve its vision for all learners. Classrooms will be more spacious; temporary accommodation will not be needed; spaces for staff and students will be greatly improved; and essential specialist teaching areas will be provided, e.g. for media and science. There will be more scope to develop the College's existing courses and to provide new ones. The new College building will provide 32,530sqm (GIA) of floor space for teaching and associated activities. There are approximately 11,000 students and 250 staff (of whom about 3,500 would occupy the building at any one time).

The landscape design, produced with Churchman Landscape Architects will retain all the major trees along the front of the site, screening the base of the structure. The building will vary in height between three and nine storeys with several parts such as the refectory and the learning resources centre open to the public. An internal street will link the two new public squares on either site of the college, one serving the station, and one leading to a new footbridge and into the surrounding parkland.

Once the College has moved into its new accommodation, the existing College sites will be redeveloped for housing.

The new College site consists partly of land that the College is buying and partly of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) owned by the London Borough of Harrow (LBH). The College is exchanging an equal area of land with LBH so that there is no loss in the area of MOL. As part of the project the reconfigured MOL will be relandscaped and enhanced by Harrow College to provide better facilities for the public, owned and maintained by LBH.

The three elements of the project  the new College, reconfigured MOL and new housing  form part of a wider project to regenerate Harrow Town Centre. 


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