Harmony Office Centre
Harmony Office Center office building forms part of enclosure to the central square of the Eko-Park housing estate in Warsaw. Situated in the vicinity of the city’s greenbelt, the enclosure has a distinct and clear spatial composition – it is well visible and recognizable from the surrounding traffic routes as well as from the interior of the estate. The building consists of three independent segments, comprising open plan office spaces, and standing on a one storey plinth housing office lobbies, training rooms and a canteen. The segments are cuboidal but are wrapped in a dynamic net of mullions and stone cladding. Their rigidity is further disturbed by means of freely composed white glazed cubicals cantelivered from the internal façades. In attempt to create an atmosphere of intimacy and to reduce the scale of the square’s enclosure, the segments were situated with their heads facing the square and separated by courtyards (terraces). Also, a walkway through the building lobby connects the square with the outside street thus bringing more passer-by attention to the office block and enabling the canteen to serve the external clients. The exterior façades are stone, aluminium and glass, whereas the interior façades are glazed and slick. Interplay between transparency – that enables visual connections through the building – and reflections of the glass façade – that reflects the sky, buildings and greenery – provides the dissolution of the mass of the building and its integration with the surroundings. The floral patterns on the glass panes and metal panels refer to the green surroundings of the complex. The building was rented as a whole to one client in a biggest single transaction of this kind on the city’s market for the last twenty years.


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