Harley Davidson Australia, Headquarters

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Harley Davidson Australia, Headquarters
This project is for the national headquarters of Harley Davidson, Australia. We sought to design a building that reflects the uniqueness of Harley Davidson. HD is not simply a brand, for many it is an entire lifestyle and attitude. HD has a unique philosophy; it is at once about the expression of function and beauty through pure design, but it is also about freedom; the freedom of self expression and the freedom of the open road. For design inspiration we looked to the bikes themselves; their emotion and efficiency. The geometry of the engines forks and frames can be seen in the lines of the building. The brief for the building was a strong reflection of the Harley Davidson culture. We gave as much emphasis to the gymnasium and break-out areas as the office and storage space. We located of all of the recreational and break-out areas near the entry. You enter into a central mezzanine. From there you can see all of the areas that reflect the Harley lifestyle; the showroom, cafe, library, even the Gym. You are immediately aware of what Harley Davidson is all about. From the entry, you can also look down into the technical workshops and training areas. In this way you get a sense of the technical aspects of the company. It was important not to lose sight of the grungy side of the motor cycles as well. We utilised 3-D modelling software in the earliest stages of the design. The building had to be documented in 3 dimensions to resolve the geometry of the structure and facades.


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