Hariri Memorial Garden
Located in front of the Grand Serail (Government Palace), Hariri Memorial Garden is an homage to Lebanon’s ex-Prime Minister, brutally assassinated on February 14, 2005. Rafic Hariri will be remembered not only as a central figure in the country’s complex political scene, but also as the man who rebuilt Beirut’s war torn historic commercial centre though the launching of the most ambitious construction program in the history of the country. The story of his rise from the son of an impoverished farmer in a provincial town to one of the world’s wealthiest men and a friend of monarchs and presidents will continue to inspire many. The project’s intent was to create a place that reflects the values of this historic figure, personified, pays tribute to his vision and achievements, and eternalizes his memory. Elongated planes of gray stone and water mirrors, laid on a grass surface, step down towards the city. A row of jacaranda trees marks the edge between the steps and the Serail’s façade. The effect is solemn yet intimate, impressive yet simple, monumental yet humble. In essence, the design is a sober expression symbolizing the legacy of a visionary leader. The project presents a limited palette of elements and materials, charged with symbolic significance. The steps symbolize the gradual rebuilding of Beirut and an open invitation to the city. The basalt stone planes symbolize grief, sobriety, and perseverance. The water mirrors symbolize life, purity, peace, and the immaterial. Grass symbolizes tenderness and compassion. The jacaranda trees symbolize joy, sorrow, hope, and through their cycle of birth and death, life’s constant renewal.


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