Republican Stadium named after Vazgen Sargsyan (Armenian: Վազգեն Սարգսյանի անվան Հանրապետական մարզադաշտ) is an all-seater multi-use stadium in Yerevan, Armenia. The construction of the stadium was built in 1937 and finished within the year. Some developments were implemented after World War II.


At the time of its inauguration the stadium was named "Dynamo". Later the name of the venue was changed to Hanrapetakan (Republican). In 1999, after the assassination of the former prime minister Vazgen Sargsyan, the official name of the stadium became "Hanrapetakan Stadium named after Vazgen Sargsyan" (Republican Stadium named after Vazgen Sargsyan). It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Pyunik FC and the Armenian national team. The stadium can serve 14,968 spectators.

The first renovations were made in 1995 but the lack of financial resources delayed the process until 1999 when more than 3 million US dollars were spent on the development of the infrastructure. By the end of 2000, the stadium was completely renovated. In 2008, the stadium went under a large-scale development in order to modernize the playing surface and to create a high level VIP section and other facilities which could meet the UEFA standards.


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