Hanover Bridge
The Hanover Bridge is a bridge spanning the Crow River between Hassan Township, Minnesota in Hennepin County and Hanover in Wright County. It is one of the last remaining wrought iron pin-connected Pratt truss bridges in the state.

The Hanover bridge was built in 1885 by the Morse Bridge Company of Youngstown, Ohio. The company later changed its name to the Youngstown Bridge Company, and merged into the American Bridge Company in 1900.

Limited Weight
The bridge carried traffic until December 1966, although its weight limit was rather low. Children riding school buses to school would have to get off on one side and walk across the bridge, and then the bus would slowly drive across and pick up the students on the other side.

Updated Use
Although the bridge was later replaced by a modern concrete structure 1500 feet to the west, the old bridge is in use as a pedestrian bridge. Hanover citizens renovated the bridge in the 1980s. Additional rehabilitation work was completed in 2004.