The Hanny's building in downtown Phoenix is a restored former department store originally built in the 1940's. At the time the building was the premier example of the modernist International Style in the city- its then eclectic nature setting the tone for subsequent similar developments in the downtown area, few of which stand today. Now a part of the new renaissance of downtown Phoenix this four story building has been transformed into an upscale eatery of the same name by prolific restaurateur Karl Kopp (also of Bar89, in Soho New York City, Elsa's on the Park in Milwaukee and AZ88 in Scottsdale, Arizona.) The atmosphere harkens back to the early forties as much of the original features have been restored, while others have been featured and updated through modernist styling's, and punctuated by the many hidden treasures found during construction; for example one can now walk onto the glass floor of an abandoned elevator shaft and have a view of the full building height from roof to basement. Further, evidence of its brutal past as an abandoned site remain if only as proof of its layered history, as well as that of the surrounding city, thus forming an interesting clash from its more refined aspects and revealing a most telling story of its development and abandonment through time. Through (re)adaptation the building now continues its iconic style and relevance well into the 21st century, while contributing to the overall development and (re)intensification of the once forgotten downtown Phoenix city core.


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