This is the urban residence for a single occupancy is situated in Yokohama City which is about one hour from Tokyo Japan by train. The building site is a corner plot abutting east and south on the roads which is situated in a densely built-up area with buildings facing each other across the 4-meter wide road. Each of the buildings surrounding the site has no appropriate open space in its site with an inner building space only separated from outside by the use of a single wall. Since the planned site is also space-challenged with a 7-by-8(m) area, it was designed with a focus on fully protecting privacy without compromising an urban feel and on creating a small but rich inner space. This residence has three SPACES like an atelier and a gallery where the cliant can fully enjoy hobbys and people enjoy time together in addition to a normal residential function. The residence has five LEVELS arranged in a spatially-scattered manner with slits formed among them so that each level interacts with each other through the slits. Light, wind, music, scent, scenery and eye contacts freely intertwine and interact with each other between different levels, effectively creating a diversity of the place, proposing an unprecedented rich space, which is hard to realize in a conventional urban residence.


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