Hallfield Estate

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The Hallfield Estate is one of several modernist housing projects in London designed in the immediate post-war period by the Tecton architecture practice, led by Berthold Lubetkin. Following the dissolution of Tecton, the project was realised by Denys Lasdun and Lindsay Drake in the 1950s. Construction took place in two phases during 1951-55 and 1955-58.

The estate is at grid reference TQ260812, south of the Bishops Bridge Road in Bayswater. It comprises 15 blocks spread over roughly 17 acres (69,000 m2), a laundry (now used as the local Estate Office), and the Hallfield School, also by Lasdun. Architecturally, the design shares much with similar Tecton projects of the period, including the Priory Green and Spa Green Estates, and the Finsbury Health Centre.

Hallfield was designated a conservation area by Westminster Council in 1990, and the majority of Estate buildings were listed Grade II in June 2011.

John Penrose, the Minister responsible for the 2011 listing, commented: "These blocks show real flair and beauty, and all the more so considering the post-war era in which they were conceived.  Sixty years on, they have become a distinctive part of the London landscape, still looking good and remaining popular with residents and visitors alike".   

Hannah Parham, the English Heritage Designation Advisor, responded to the 2011 listing decision by adding: “The estate presents a convincing riposte to criticism that post-war council housing is grey, drab and utilitarian. At Hallfield, the exteriors of each block are treated like works of abstract art - some are patterned with a chequerboard of blue and red brickwork; others have a zigzagging screen of white concrete panels.  The estate now exists amongst an elite group of 16 listed post war housing estates estate in London – estates that are successful as places to live and are cared for by their residents”.

Hallfield's Criminal Activities

Hallfield Estate has recently gained fame for it's vicious rise in crime. With a 38% increase in anti social behaviour and a 12% on gang crime, the estate is now in proportion to other estates surrounding it with high levels of gun and knife crime. Hallfield Estate is now viewed as one of the no-go zones in west 2, followed by Warwick And Brindley Estate and Brunel Estate. Drug trafficking is a main subject in Hallfield, and police are still battling to tackle the £240 000 worth of drugs sold every year.

The latest case of massive criminal reports was on the 8th August 2011 when the London riots took off and Hallfield Estate and Bayswater became victims of this vicious turn out where shops and houses were robbed, damaged or set alight.

Hallfield was recently known for the stabbing of two brothers. Police were called to the scene at 10.40pm last Thursday where a 23-year-old was found with three stab wounds to the stomach and a 19-year-old was found with multiple stab wounds to his upper body.

Both were rushed to hospital where the 19-year-old remains in a stable condition. The 23-year-old has been discharged.

The two men are believed to be brothers from the nearby Amberley Estate in Maida Vale who were visiting friends in Lynton House.

One Lynton House resident said: “I was having a cup of tea when I heard noise and my wife and children opened the front door to see what it was. There was a person lying on the ground with stab wounds to his tummy and he looked in a really bad way. Then there was another person who had been stabbed leaning up against the wall.

“There was blood everywhere in the road and the stairway.”

It is believed the men were visiting a flat on one of the upper floors of the building when the incident began.

The scuffle, which is thought to have involved gang members from a different estate, then moved down the external stairway to the road in front of the housing block.

Police cordoned off much of the estate overnight and on Friday while they searched for weapons.

A 15-year-old man was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of attempted murder but was bailed to return to a central London police station on July 6.

The incident comes days after a 23-year-old man was left in a critical condition after he was stabbed on a bus in Maida Vale – the latest in an increasing spate of violence in the area.

Westminster North MP Karen Buck said: “The fact that young people are being stabbed and injured is a matter of ghastly concern and if there’s a gang element then that is even worse.

“The level of youth violence and gang-related violence is intolerable.

“This is a worsening problem and it’s blighting the lives of a significant number of our young people. Once people start using weapons in this way it’s only a matter of luck whether people live or die.”

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