Halle am Wasser Art Centre
The new Arts Centre "Halle am Wasser" by the Berlin and London based practice Pott Architects is part of the new development of the stretch of land to the north of Spree curve in Berlin. The enormous area covering the surface area of 40 football pitches will in time be transformed into a self-sufficient urban accommodation complex featuring an Arts Campus, Marina, flats, offices and restaurants.

A key element of the development of the whole area was the transformation of an old derelict warehouse into an extensive art gallery, meant to be a main cultural hub for the whole district. The art forum designed by Pott Architects is located at the Berlin Spandauer Canal and takes the shape of a folded sculptural element covering a total area of 2500 sqm. A membrane streches on the outside of the old unattractive building transforming it into a home for all forms of art distributed into 6 main galleries varying in size from 280 sqm to 600 sqm. The canopy covering the building allows good quality and sufficient natural light on the inside and significantly improves the appearance of the warehouse. The steel skeleton of the building is successfully adapted to accommodate the flexible open-plan gallery spaces that can be easily adjusted according to the requirements of the artists. Each exhibition spaces is provided with its own sanitary and office space located into a structural cube that sits away from the internal walls and the load-bearing skeleton of the warehouse.  

The transformation of the ‘Halle am Wasser’ in addition to the existing art institutions in the area such as the Hamburger Bahnhof, the Flick Collection and numerous artist´s studios has ensured that the area is a significant part of the Berlin art scene and a centre of attraction for art enthusiasts worldwide. From 2010, the area is to be extended further to the west of Heidestrasse and the north of the central station, with more office units and residential developments planned.


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