Hallands Väderö

Hallands Väderö (en: Halland's Weather Island) is a Swedish island located in the northwest corner of the Scania province, but it is named after the province above; Halland. Since 1958 it is a nature reserve due to its valuable ecologic life with an old beech-forest, unusual funguses and large bird populations. During the summer season small ferrys transports people to the island from Torekov. There are no permanent residents on the island in present time, but many cabins from older times remains on the island and some can be rented for overnight accommodations. The island is also known for its large beaches good for bathing. In 2006 the Swedish state surveying "Lantmäteriverket" decided that the whole island belonged to the Church of Sweden due to an old agreement from 1753.

The lighthouse on the island was constructed on the northwestern tip in 1884 and originally carried a kerosene lamp. It was electrified in 1950 and totally automated in 1965. The tower is connected to a small light keepers cabin. It is owned and remote controlled by the Swedish Maritime Administration.

  • Map of Halland Väderö and Torekov.

  • Beech forest.

  • The tour boat on the way back to Torekov.

  • Lighthouse keepers house.

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