Architectural design in Guria restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of old basque homes. This concept, under express request of the owners, is the continuity of a well proved and successful formula devoloped in the the original spanish premises.

The project began by generating a triangular mesh shape modulated on the base,  from where the geometric and decorative interior style was developed. This was the starting point of the design concept and the layout distribution that welcomes the visitors with a six meters height reception foyer; irregular limestone walls give a dramatic visual impact to this area from where a chandelier hangs. The eclectic mix of natural materials, mahogany wood, iron and exotic marbles, recalls the warm ambience of basque arquitecture.

From the foyer we reach to the lounge that displays a green “rain forest” marble bar, a stone fireplace, wooden mahogany floors, modern table lamps and framed photographs wich are actually video screens. Sited directly behind this reception area is the main hall where a central wood column rises as the dominant element with “arms” to pretend to be holding the stucture. Great limestone walls are the perfect scenario of Fernando Aceves Humana masterpiece which represents dusk in San Sebastian.

The private wine cellar for 24 guests is a narrow space of 6 meters high crowned with a wood beam celing. Vernacular mirrors and chandeliers, and an iron wine cellar, wood, fixed lightning, and a five meter one piece table, generates a medieval atmosphere.

Finally, a roof terrace was built in the garden sorrounded by aromatic plants and flanked by three brass chimneys.

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