Guangzhou Opera House

Conceptual Interpretation

Located down stream of Pearl River, the Guangzhou Opera House with it tantalising contours will resonate the high notes of Chinese Opera, in harmony with the tenor of its western brother. It will stand alongside its global family as a testament to state of the art architecture, and as a lasting monument to the New Millennium.

Its unique twin boulder design will enhance urban function with open access to the riverside and dock areas and at the same time will create a new dialogue with the emerging new town. It is from here we hope to see the story of the Guangzhou city continue in its evolutionary journey.

Urban Strategy/Landscape

Undulating structures rise and fall at the foot of Zhujiang Boulevard. New structures, a built rock-like imprint, bring together the two adjacent Opera House and future Museum Sites and Metropolitan Activities. As an adjunct to the Haixinsha Tourist Park Island, the dual sites present a contoured profile to form a larger riverside focus to Opera House visitors.

When viewed from the park at the centre of the Zhujiang Boulevard, the Opera House buildings create a visual prelude to the Tourist Park Island beyond. Standing on the new landscape at the foot of the central boulevard with the Opera House behind and alongside, there is a unified vision of civic and cultural buildings in a riverside setting with the skyscrapers and tall buildings of Zhujiang New Town to provide a dramatic back-drop to the Opera House.

An internal street is cut into the sand/land-forms from the direction of the proposed future Museum at the opposite side of the landscape central boulevard. Cafe, bar, restaurant and retail facilities which are embedded shell-like into these landforms are located to one side of this Opera House approach promenade.

Visitors arriving by car or bus are deposited at a “drop-off” on the north side of the site on Huajiu Road. Service vehicles access the Opera House and Theatre Buildings at either end of the Huajiu Road. VIP visitors access the Opera House form the western boundary facing Huaxia Road.


Description from the architects


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