Grosvenor Waterside
Located at the heart of the restored Grosvenor Dock in West London, this residential project has transformed a derelict former industrial site into a new urban quarter. The apartments (103 private, 193 affordable) are housed within two blocks of accommodation angled to maximise views out towards the River Thames. Each block is scaled to complement its surroundings: the larger of the two addresses the adjacent listed buildings of Churchill Gardens, while the smaller faces onto the dock and features a colonnade containing a restaurant, bar and entrance lobbies. The two blocks are linked at ground level by a single storey of commercial accommodation with a planted roof landscaped to provide an additional green terrace area for the building inhabitants. Generous enclosed balconies incise the facade with a rhythmic arrangement of voids that draw light and fresh air into living areas, while slender vertical and horizontal glazing slots create more intimate and subtle lighting for bedrooms and bathrooms. The cladding system of anodised aluminium panels is etched in a design developed by artist Clare Woods.


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