Greenville Bridge
The Greenville Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge crossing the Mississippi River, that carries US 82 and US 278, (until the Charles W. Dean Bridge is built), between Lake Village, Arkansas and Greenville, Mississippi. The main span's 1,378 feet (420 m) length, makes it the third-longest in the United States, and fourth longest in North America.

The $250 million bridge's design, location, and span were created both to allow easier river navigation and safer driving. The roadway has four 12-foot lanes, 12-foot outside shoulders, and 8-foot inside shoulders. The bridge was built 2,800-feet away from the Benjamin G. Humphreys bridge, on a straighter stretch of the river to allow boats to pass through more easily.

HNTB Corp. of Kansas City, MO., was the designer and consulting engineer for both the new bridge as well as the Benjamin G. Humphreys Bridge. Massman Construction Co. and Traylor Bros. Inc., a were awarded an $110,826,530.00 contract by the Mississippi Department of Transportation in July 2001 for construction of the Greenville Bridge with a Notice to Proceed on August 9, 2001. The construction on the main span of the bridge was finished on April 21, 2006. Austin Bridge and Road was awarded a $65 million contract to build Arkansas' 4,657 feet of approach bridge and 3,225 feet of connecting roadway which was completed in August 2009. Jensen Construction was awarded a $85.9 million contract to work on the road deck of the Mississippi approaches to the bridge, which were completed in 2008. The remaining contract, to apply a latex surface to the bridge, add stripes, tie U.S. 82 into the approaches, and demolish the Humphreys Bridge, was awarded in January 2010; the bridge opened to traffic on July 28, 2010. However as of August 1, 2010 the bridge was not open to public traffic due to weather delays. The Greenville Bridge opened to traffic on August 4th, 2010 around 6PM.

Building Activity

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