The Greenport Railroad Station is the terminus of the Main Line (Greenport Branch) of the Long Island Rail Road. It is officially located at Wiggins Street and 4th Street in the Village of Greenport, New York, although the property spans as far east as 3rd Street and the Shelter Island North Ferry terminal.


Greenport Station was originally built on July 29, 1844 as the terminus of the Main line of the LIRR, although some in the industry had hope of building an extension to a cross-sound bridge. On July 4, 1870 it was burned as part of Town festivities, and rebuilt in October later that year. Another station was built in its place in 1892 (although some sources claim it was in 1894), with a distinguished ticket office bay window that was removed in the 1920s. A train shed also existed behind the roundtable, which was replaced by a coal deposit area. Steam service existed until June 5, 1955, mail was carried at the station until 1965, and the train ran onto a dock until 1978. The station, its freight house, and roundtable were placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a national historic district on July 20, 1989. A high-level platform leading to the old station and the Shelter Island Ferry was built between 2000 and 2001, as the case was with many other railroad stations on Long Island. The former freight house serves as the east end of the Railroad Museum of Long Island, while the old station is now the East End Seaport Maritime Museum.

Platform and track configuration

This station has one high-level island platform long enough for one and a half cars to receive and discharge passengers. The Main Line has three tracks at this location.