The location chosen by the developer – Pozna?’s Wilda district – is a post-industrial part of the city situated in it’s very centre. Thanks to it’s character, Wilda is a perfect place for new enterprises and urban development. The basic design task was to correctly inscribe the new commercial and residential buildings into the surrounding urban space consisting of historic downtown buildings of Pami?tkowa Street and industrial development in the area of Hetma?ska Street. The goal was achieved by the careful choice of buildings’ layout and dimensions, corresponding with their surroundings. The use of facade elements prefabricated of white concrete and thin “fins` (white vertical element) concealing glass surfaces on balconies gives the building an expressive and contemporary character. Another important element of design was to introduce greenery into the building. The idea led to choice of a green roof covering the commercial building and placement of winter gardens atop the southern part of the residential building. These components play a crucial role in muting the traffic noise and also create a pleasant microclimate of the apartments. The buildings’ layout gives a place for internal parking lot surrounded by verdure. Living quarters completed by a small office part and a shopping gallery localized in a downtown city district Wilda in Pozna? at a busy transport frame – Hetma?ska Street. FORM – SPATIAL CONFIGURATION OF VARIABLE GEOMETRY In looking for a shape that would present the potential of a large manufacturer of concrete elements (Investor) important were also: - acoustic protection of the housing zone - optical magnification of interior space as well as architectural-urbanization context. Creation of a bright sculptural closing of the Pami?tkowa and Fabryczna streets with concurrent opening of the yard towards the southern side. FUNCTION AND ITS SPACE Thinking of the apartment space was one of the inspiration in looking for a form. Opening of subsequent four spatial plans was an expression of searching for next screens that open southern view through their full-glass elevation. These four plans are: 1 – room, kitchen and dining room 2 – winter garden separated by a glass division /free arrangement of the division in order to join both spaces/ 3 – terrace 4 – screens in a form of white vertical elements /being also a structure of acoustic protection/ VENTILATION AND MICROCLIMATE OF THE INTERIOR Untightening of the bedroom tract /northern tract/ allowed to air the apartment in the direction of the southern tract from the “winter garden space`, which gained controlled mechanical ventilation. Each apartment posseses its own speed regulation and in the case of its switching-off gravitation ensures minimal air exchange. For the microclimate the zone of winter garden is responsible with the proper selection of the plants that warrants maintaining relative humidity from 40% to 60% and matched room height - 3 meters. MATERIAL White reinforced concrete prefabricated elements predominate, which structure, colour and the way of sandblasting were individually selected for the purpose of this design. MAIN INFO: Site area: 11993,0 qm Building area: 5988,0 qm Total usable floor area: 17147 qm Usable living quarters floor area 7926,0 qm Usable shopping and office buildg floor area 9221,0 qm Total floor area: 19754,0 qm


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