Grant Cottage State Historic Site

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Grant Cottage State Historic Site
Grant Cottage State Historic Site, on the slope of Mount McGregor in Wilton, New York is an Adirondack mountain cottage first owned by banker Joseph W. Drexel. It was the site where Ulysses S. Grant died in 1885, and is a New York State Historic Site. Visitors can tour the historic house museum which has been furnished to reflect the Grant family's stay for six weeks in 1885. Some of the original floral arrangements from the funeral are on display, the bed in which he died is shown in the bedroom. The clock that was at the cottage when he died was stopped at 8:03am July 23, 1885 by Frederick Dent Grant, and then he reached over and touched his fathers forehead for the last time, and can be seen in the home. A marker is located outside the cottage on the spot where Grant had his last look of the valley, it had to be gated off because many people would chip off pieces as souvenirs. A visitor center and gift shop are also located there. A plaque is located a short distance away from the cottage and memorializes the fact that Grant died there. A New York historic marker is located a few yards from the cottage.

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