Grand River Hospital
Grand River Hospital is a 495-bed hospital serving Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada and surrounding communities, primarily through the K-W Health Centre and the Freeport Health Centre, both located in Kitchener. The two health centres are formerly independent hospitals that merged in April 1995. The hospital also provides programs at the Guelph Dialysis Centre in Guelph, along with the Hazelglen Outreach Mental Health and the Waterloo Regional Withdrawal Management Centre in Kitchener.


K-W Health Centre
The K-W Health Centre is located on King Street West, near the Kitchener-Waterloo border. It was originally known as the Berlin-Waterloo Hospital, founded in 1895 on land donated by entrepreneur Joseph E. Seagram. It later changed its name to K-W Hospital. The Grand River Regional Cancer Centre opened at this site in 2003.

Freeport Health Centre
The Freeport Health Centre is located on King Street East on the shore of the Grand River. It was formerly a tuberculosis sanatorium in the early 20th century, and in the late 1980s was transformed into a regional chronic care facility, as a new structure was built onto the previous one, expanding it. Cancer treatment, stroke recovery, breast clinic, gynaecology clinic, physical rehabilitation amongst many of the Grand River Hospital offices are located at this site. A long term mental health wing is currently in development at this site. Currently, K-W only houses short term patients, the majority of long term being sent to neighbouring London, Ontario.

Building Activity

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