The Grand Forks Herald is a daily broadsheet newspaper, begun in 1879, published in Grand Forks, North Dakota. It is the primary daily paper for northeast North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Its average daily circulation is 34,763 on Sundays and 31,524 on weekdays. It has the second largest circulation in the state of North Dakota.

Pulitzer Prize
The paper won a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its coverage of the 1997 flood but the prize was bittersweet, as the Herald building had not only been inundated but, ironically, burned to the ground in the midst of the floodwaters. Despite losing its offices during the flood, the Herald never missed a day of publication. Temporary offices were set up at the University of North Dakota and at a nearby elementary school. Papers were distributed free of charge to flood "refugees" in neighboring towns. Following the flood, the newspaper rebuilt its office building in downtown Grand Forks. Its distinctive features are a tall clock tower and the symbolism built into the structure, as well as parts of the old building that survived the fire. A new printing facility was also built in an industrial park in the western part of Grand Forks.

Corporate ownership
Knight Ridder sold the Herald to The McClatchy Company on June 27, 2006. McClatchy had already arranged the sale of the Herald to Forum Communications, owner of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead and WDAZ-TV in Grand Forks. Today, the Herald is one of many regional newspapers published by Forum Communications.


  • Mike Jacobs ( Editor and Publisher)
  • Kevin Grinde ( Managing editor)
  • Mike Brue ( Online editor)
  • Matt Cory ( Night editor)
  • Kirsten Stromsodt ( City editor)
  • Alyssa Shirek ( News editor)
  • John Stennes ( Photo editor)
  • Wayne Nelson ( Sports editor)
  • Kim Deats ( Agweek editor)
  • Tom Dennis ( Opinion page editor)

Former personnel
  • Stuart McDonald ( Editorial cartoonist, 1961-1967)
  • Jaime Delage ( City editor)
  • Jason King (IT)
  • Bill Holden
  • Elisa L. Rineheart ( Military Affairs Reporter)
  • Kevin Fee ( Sports editor)

Marilyn Hagerty is a newspaper columnist for the Grand Forks Herald. She writes several different columns for The Herald, including 'Eat Beat', 'That Reminds Me', and 'Dear Shirley'. Her articles are written in a fashion similar to the plot line of the TV series "Lost". Eat Beat Eat beat is a restaurant review column published in the Wednesday edition of The Herald. Marilyn has reviewed numerous local restaurants, including McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, and the Red River High School cafeteria. Her reviews generally include critiques of the quality of the napkins (Cloth napkins make the food taste much better apparently), the luster of the condiment containers, the demeanor of the employees, and whether any children are making loud noises or are climbing over furniture disrupting her ability to pull out her pocket calculator and figure out the tip in paper napkin percentage. That Reminds Me That Reminds Me is a column in which Marilyn reminisces about events of the past. Previous installments discussed subject matter such as the weather in 1908, local shopping locales in 1957, farming practices in 1906, walking to school in a coonskin hat and buffalo hide leggings uphill both ways, and the installation of Grand Forks' first escalator in 1956.


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