Hotel Q
The new "design hotels” are unique experiences of architectural spaces and cosmopolitan hubs for the traveler. They can seduce you to experiment with old habits, and inspire new rituals.  For Hotel Q Graft laid out a landscape that changes the classic spacial cannon through the topographical folding of the program.

  “The tectonical logic of elemented construction distorts itself, blends into hybrid zones with double functional occupancies. The inclined area is simultaneously a separating wall but also usable furniture, the lifted floor is circulation surface or a space, emerged from underneath the skin of the house.” GRAFT

  The flow of this “landscape” creates generous connections where otherwise a typical dissection into singular spaces would prevail. The topographical treatment of the design problem maximizes program utilization and creates a continuous flow of form and space. The visitor will find a narrative that departs from conventional perceptual experiences and allows ambiguous readings of the space.

  The inhabitant becomes a participant in this landscape, changing his interaction with architecture and furniture, walking up the walls in order to sit on top of the crowd, or sinking into tubs, like hot springs, in the middle of the room. The super cool spa, with sauna and steam room, also features massage and treatment rooms as well as a sandy beach.

 Hotel Q is located on Knesebec...


15 photos and 6 drawings