Golden Resources Shopping Mall, or Jin Yuan (abbreviated from Chinese: 金源时代购物中心) is a shopping mall located near the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, People's Republic of China.

In English, the mall has earned the nickname Great Mall of China, owing to its total area of 6 million square feet (557,419 square metres) over six floors. At 1.5 times the size of the Mall of America, Golden Resources Mall was the world's largest shopping mall from 2004 to 2005.

The mall was completed on 20 October 2004 after 20 months of construction and opened four days later. The Christian Science Monitor describes:

Although the developer of the mall initially estimated that the mall would have 50,000 shoppers a day, as of 2004 the actual number was far smaller, as few as 20 in an hour. One problem was that prices of most items sold were far beyond the purchasing ability of most ordinary Chinese. Another barrier was the inaccessibility of Golden Resources Shopping Mall to foreign consumers because of what Forbes magazine calls "a tough location outside the heart of the city."

One Westerner who works in the mall shed further light onto why Golden Resources Mall is 'Westerner unfriendly':

A writer for the China Business Review observed:

An American executive based in Beijing suggested that name-brand corporations such as Ralph Lauren, Papa John's Pizza, and Chanel regard these non-earning stores as a form of advertising and positioning for the future sales.

Fu Yuehong, general manager of the New Yansha Group which operates nearly half the mall, explains:

In 2005, Golden Resources Shopping Mall became the world's second-largest mall when South China Mall in Dongguan was completed. It was still in second place as of late 2006.