"Art. 6 .- The composition, characteristics and finishing of the buildings will respect the environment where it is located, avoiding the maximum possible destruction of the environment and size of trees. Henceforth, respecting these premises, the volume buildings and / or installation of enclosing walls or other elements at all times conform to the landscape characteristics of the environment and placed in proper perspective and vision, " Urban Plan Regulations Part Burjats Can. Mont-ras REINVENTING NATURE Looking onto a hilly picturesque plot that boasts magnificent landscape views, immersed in pine and oak trees right next to a stream in its lower margin along with visual possibilities where the forest and the sea become the backdrop, "the project’s initial objective is to positively reinterpret the existing legislation seeking an integration into both the natural environment and the sociocultural imaginary place. Conditioned by these circumstances, this proposal reflects its binary nature through its own composition. Firstly, a master volume container, using more substantial housing and establishing links with existing traditional architecture both spatial and material, and secondly a formal typology influenced by the topography in space that is found. The various constraints that surround the area were taken into account regarding the positioning in the plot. Its steep topography, the adjacent building, orientation and correct treatment of visual integration in the environment has allowed for the visibility of a reduced exterior volume along with the outdoor pool and garden space to camouflage the real housing development occurred in the lower level which can be seen from the main entrance path. It is from the lower level area, where the building blends in with the present forest and the true magnitude of construction stands out with its distinct sections. The house, initially designed as a second home, is divided into two main areas, the aforementioned "volume" farmhouse "principal and half-buried in concrete area of the rooms. Access to both sections is done by stairs that lead to a lower level contrasting to what is seen from the street. Once there, we are presented with the apartment lobby, space-hinge of the two areas where the general desire to soften the boundaries between interior and exterior are evident. The main body, designed so that it can be used independently from the rest of the house, consists of three levels. A higher level with the master bedroom, with deck space overlooking the garden and pool, a library and study area, the entrance level, with kitchen, dining room and lounge, and a final half-buried space below which you will find the facilities and garage. The rest of the built space corresponds to the area of rooms, designed for a more fluid and contemporary usage. Through the hall which starts from the apartment lobby, which is brightened by its immense windows, leads us also into the spectacular corridor rooms illuminated by large windows placed at the bottom of the swimming pool. From top level, each room of the modern module is presented by a series of walls marks defining the entrance to each room. On the lower level, the interior of each is arranged longitudinally with a large metal cabinet that contains all the necessary applications - Closets, bathrooms and desks – and to the left a big void where the bed and area of residence is found. Similar to the entrance hall, each room frames the immediate landscape, leading along the distributor of a sequence of perspectives thanks to the configuration of its fan-like walls. CONSTRUCTION WORK AND MATERIAL SELECTION The selection of materials has been an important point during the constructions, the whole house has been solved with only four materials in its natural state: CONCRETE, NATURAL STONE, STEEL, and WOOD. The rooms have been made using these materials in pure state, changed only due to the use. The involvement of all those who have gone though the construction of the house has been EXCEPTIONA, discussing every detail designed by the YOUNG ARCHITECTS. SYMBIOSIS The use of different materials in their pure state make the architecture fit perfectly to their environment, by acquiring natural textures that fit the landscape. The landscaping has been done in full respect of the flora, repopulating the trees damaged by the construction. The architecture has acted seeking a SYMBIOSIS with nature.


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