Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow School of Art (GSA) is one of only two independent art schools in Scotland, situated in the Garnethill area of Glasgow.

It was founded in 1845 as the Glasgow Government School of Design. In 1853 it changed its name to The Glasgow School of Art. Initially it was located at 12 Ingram Street, but in 1869 it moved to the McLellan Galleries. In 1897 work started on a new building to house the school on Renfrew Street. The building was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, chosen for the commission by the school's director, Francis Newbery, who oversaw a period of expansion and fast-growing reputation. The first half of the building was completed in 1899 and the second in 1909. The School's campus has grown since that time and in 2009 an international architectural competition was held to find an architect-led design team who would develop the Campus Masterplan and design the Phase 1 building. The Phase 1 building is opposite the Mackintosh Building on a site now occupied by the Foulis, Assembly and Newbery Tower Buildings. The competition was won by New York based Steven Holl Architects working with Glasgow based JM Architects. The school has produced most of Scotland's leading contemporary artists including, since 2005, 30% of Turner Prize nominees and two of the last five Turner Prize winners: Simon Starling in 2005 and Richard Wright in 2009. Departments include Fine Art Photography, founded by Thomas Joshua Cooper in 1982, Painting and Printmaking, Sculpture and Environmental Art, Product Design, Product Design Engineering, Textiles, Silversmithing and Jewellery, Interior Design, Visual Communication and Architecture. The School of Architecture is named after GSA's most famous alumnus, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and is highly rated by the architecture profession.

The school is currently situated in a compact campus, spread across 10 buildings, in the centre of Glasgow, north of Sauchiehall Street with the exception of the school's digital design studio which is situated at Pacific Quay. The Mackintosh Building is the heart of the campus and continues to be a functioning part of the school. It primarily houses the Fine Art Painting department, the Interior Design department, first year studios and administrative staff. It also houses the Mackintosh gallery which holds many different exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery is the only part of the Mackintosh building open to the general public; all other areas are of the school are only viewable by guided tour. An exception to this rule is the Degree Show where all the studios within the Mackintosh building are opened to allow people to view the graduating year's final artworks. Directly opposite the Mackintosh Building are the Newbery Tower, Foulis Building and Assembly Building. The Newbery Tower houses the Textiles, Jewellery & Silversmithing departments and the Refectory cafeteria, a second branch of Where the Monkey Sleeps, a city centre cafe and restaurant run by three ex-graduates. The Foulis has the Product Design Engineering, Product Design, Visual Communications departments and the Centre for Advanced Textiles. The Richmond Building is home to the Fine Art photography department. Connected to the Richmond Building is the John D. Kelly Building which houses the printmaking department, as well as the first year design programme. The Mackintosh School of Architecture and the school's library are situated in The Bourdon Building. The Barnes Building on West Graham Street is the base for the MFA and Sculpture and environmental art studios. Currently, the GSA is planning on developing the current Garnethill campus. The Mackintosh building will still be centrepiece of the campus, though there are plans to sell off some of the more peripheral buildings and to redevelop the Newbery site. The building which houses the Assembly Building adjacent to the Mackintosh Building will be redeveloped and retain its existing facade. As part of the planned expansion, the art school have taken control of Glasgow City Council's McLellan Galleries. An international architectural competition was launched in March 2009 to find the design team to prepare a campus masterplan and detailed design of the first new building phase. GSA has a research and postgraduate Digital Design Studio (DDS) based on the southside of Glasgow in a new facility at Pacific Quay by the River Clyde in a building called The Hub.

Students and teaching
Of its 1,900 students, almost 20 per cent are from outside the UK and approximately 20% are postgraduate. HESA statistics show GSA to have one of the lowest student drop-out rates in the UK. The GSA has been ranked eleventh of 32 specialist educational institutions in terms of teaching quality.

Student Unions and representation
The Assembly Building houses the Glasgow School of Art Student Association's (GSASA) administrative offices. These are known by many of the staff and students as "The Vic" due to the remains of a Victorian cafe, called The Victoria cafe, saved from beneath a condemned building in the 1960s. The GSASA also has different societies including the Mural society, LGBT society, Cinema Society and the Real Ale Appreciation Society. The Vic is also a venue which hosts many popular club nights. 'R-P-Z' (formerly known as 'Record Playerz') host their nightclub every Thursday. The SRC is a body of students elected by fellow students. meet once a month with different sections of the school to discuss issues affecting the students.

Research and development projects
The Glasgow School of Art is host to a number of high profile research projects, funded primarily through the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the Economic and Social Research Council, although other UK research councils have funded projects in the past. Current projects involve research into sustainability and domestic laundry, new dynamics of ageing, and ethical consumption at Christmas.

Notable alumni
  • Harry Benson - Photographer
  • Christine Berrie - Illustrator
  • Christine Borland - Artist - 1997 Turner Prize Nominee
  • Roderick Buchanan- Artist, 2000 Beck's Futures Winner
  • John Byrne - Playwright, Artist
  • Ian Callum - Automotive designer
  • Steven Campbell - Artist
  • Peter Capaldi - Actor - 1995 Oscar winner
  • Nathan Coley - Artist - 2007 Turner Prize nominee
  • Robbie Coltrane- Actor - Starred in James Bond and Harry Potter movies
  • Stephen Conroy - Award-winning painter
  • Ken Currie - Artist
  • David Donaldson - Painter and Limner to Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay - Artist, Poet, Turner Prize nominee 1984
  • Hannah Frank - Artist and sculptor
  • Douglas Gordon - Artist, 1996 Turner Prize winner
  • Alasdair Gray - Novelist and muralist; Author of Lanark: A Life in Four Books
  • Norah Neilson Gray - also taught here
  • Bob Hardy - Bassist with Franz Ferdinand (band)
  • Peter Howson - Artist
  • Cathy Jamieson - Politician
  • Chantal Joffe - Artist
  • Jessie Marion King - Illustrator
  • Jim Lambie - Artist - 2005 Turner Prize nominee
  • Liz Lochhead - Playwright
  • Alexander Mackendrick- Film director
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh- Artist, designer and architect
  • Oscar Marzaroli - Photographer
  • Iain McCaig ”“ Illustrator, designer and Hollywood storyboard artist
  • Norman McLaren- Oscar-winning animation and filmmaker
  • James Meechan- Canadian artist in stained glass
  • Thomas Corsan Morton - Artist
  • Jessie Newbery - Textile artist, embroiderer
  • Monro S. Orr - Edwardian illustrator
  • Xavier Pick - Official War Artist, Iraq 2008/9
  • Jenny Saville- Artist
  • Benno Schotz - Sculptor
  • David Shrigley - Artist and cartoonist
  • Lucy Skaer - Artist - 2009 Turner Prize nominee
  • Simon Starling- Turner Prize winning artist 2005
  • Alexander Stoddart, B.A. Hons 1980, Her Majesty's Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland
  • Travis - Glasgow-based band comprising GSA alumni Francis Healy and Dougie Payne
  • Alison Watt- Artist, painted portrait of Queen Mother with a teapot on her head
  • Cathy Wilkes - Artist - 2008 Turner Prize nominee
  • Adrian Wiszniewski - Artist
  • Richard Wright - Turner Prize-winning artist 2009


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